Urban Heroes Club
On: Tuesdays from 3:30 to 4:30
At: Amsterdam International Community School
Fee: €12,50 per class
Paid: per 10 classes
Starting: Octobre 25th 2016


What is Urban Heroes Club?
Every Tuesday the kids at Amsterdam International Community School are welcome to join the Urban Heroes Club. An after school dance programme in which group one to group seven can participate in after school dance education. The classes are taught by Charlie Duran, a professional dancer  and choreographer for Dancetheater AYA and Backbone. Charlie Duran is subsidized by the Dutch government since 2016 to make dancetheater plays in which he specializes in Afro-Pop, HipHop and tricks and flips. Besides performing Charlie is responsible for dance programmes at several schools in and around Amsterdam, such as IVKO, Panta Rhei and Bindelmeer College. For more information about Charlie or the club you can email: hallo@nederlandvolhelden.nl. or Enroll with the form below. 

Enrollment Form 

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